Cultural Heart of Germany Tourism Netiquette

Rules for common courtesy on the social media accounts of the “Cultural Heart of Germany” (CHOG - an initiative of Saxony and Thuringia).

Our social media channels help us to make visitors and anyone interested aware of CHOG as a travel destination. They are also a direct channel of communication and enable us to provide inspiring information.

Important for us:
We very much appreciate constructive feedback on our offers and hope to engage and interact with you on all the topics we cover on our accounts in a meaningful and rewarding way.

This means:
Be kind to each other! For us, a respectful and friendly tone is the basis for good conversations. Please don’t respond to provocations.
The following rules also apply for your participation on our social media accounts:

  • You have sole responsibility for the content (pictures, videos, comments, etc) that you publish.
  • Your comments should refer to the topic of the respective post.
  • Remain objective in your discussions and give reasons for your opinion, particularly if you want to contradict something/someone. Merely linking to images, videos or online sources without providing any reference will be treated as spam.
  • Spamming, trolling, bashing and taking part in the discussion using various usernames will not be accepted.
  • Please mark quotes accordingly and provide the relevant source.
  • Consider copyright law, data protection, personal rights and third parties’ rights to their own image.
  • Treat other users as well as moderators the way you would like to be treated. Please follow common rules of courtesy and respect, just as if you were to have a face-to-face conversation.
  • Open threats, insults, harassment and provocation towards persons, groups of persons or organisation will not be tolerated. Such comments will immediately be screenshot as proof and then deleted from the page. The respective user will straight away be blocked.
  • Any form of discrimination or defamation of people or groups because of their origin, religious background, nationality, physical state, sexual identity, gender, income level or age will not be accepted. Such posts will also be screenshot as proof, deleted from the page and the respective user will be blocked.
  • Commercial messages, canvassing/promoting political parties and calls to take part in demonstrations, campaigns or petitions contradict our mission as a tourism marketing organisation and will be deleted.
  • For time reasons, not all questions and comments can immediately be answered. Depending on the question, our social media team reserves the right to answer comments, post and questions directly to the user in a message or in a comment underneath the respective post.
  • Interacting on our social media channels means that you accept these guidelines.
  • General laws and regulations apply. Please also adhere to the terms of use of each individual social media network.
  • Infringements will lead to being excluded from taking part in the discussion and, in extreme cases, could result in possible legal action.
  • We reserve the right to adapt our netiquette rules.

We would like to ask our community to help us and report posts that breach our rules and contradict them. Our social media team reserves the right to document the respective posts as described above, to delete them and to block users in case of severe or repeated infringements from our channels and to report them to the authorities.

We look forward to inspiring conversations with you!

The social media team of the Cultural Heart of Germany

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