Taste of a region: Saxony’s Eierschecke cake

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It looks as if The Great British Bake Off might be postponed this year due to the coronavirus situation. However, why not engage in a round of The Great Saxon Eierschecke Bake Off?

Eierschecke is a traditional cake of Saxony and its name – “Eier” means “eggs” – derives from its top layer, consisting of egg yolk mixed with butter, sugar, vanilla custard and egg white. The cake’s middle layer is a quark-vanilla-custard mixture with a few other ingredients such as butter and eggs (again), and its base is a yeast dough. Here’s the complete recipe for you to give it a try. And: Feel free to send us your pictures of the finished product – we’ll post them on our Facebook page!

Eierschecke recipe

Ingredients for spring form (28 cm diameter)

Yeast dough
125g flour
25g butter
25g sugar
10g fresh yeast
50ml milk
1 egg
Pinch of salt

Quark mixture
200g quark
30g butter
30g sugar
10g flour
10g vanilla custard powder
20ml milk
1 egg
Lemon juice

Mixture for the top layer
350ml milk
175g butter
175g sugar
5 eggs
50g vanilla custard powder
Pinch of salt


Preheat oven on 190 °C

For the yeast dough

All ingredients should have room temperature.

Mix the yeast with the lukewarm milk and half the flour into a soft dough and let it rest for 30 minutes. Once the dough has risen well, add the rest of the ingredients and knead thoroughly. Cover the dough and let it rest for another 30 minutes.

For the quark mixture

While the dough is resting, let butter become liquid and mix it into a smooth mixture with the quark, sugar, flour, custard powder, milk and egg. Add a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice.

Roll out the yeast dough evenly and put it in a greased springform. Press the dough against the rim of the form and prick the dough base a couple of times with a fork. Then smooth the quark mixture over the dough and even it out. Sprinkle a handful of raising over if, if you like (optional).

Tip: Instead of raisins, you can also add raspberries or blueberries to the quark mixture.

For the top layer

Bring 275ml milk with 85g sugar to the boil. Stir the custard powder into the rest of the milk and add it to the sugared milk, allow to boil briefly and take it off the stove.

Separate the eggs. Add butter and yolks to the hot custard and mix well. Whisk the egg whites with the rest of the sugar until stiff while bit by bit adding the sugar. Add a pinch of salt. Once the whisked egg whites are stiff, straight away fold in the custard carefully. Smooth the whole mixture onto the quark.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 190°, then reduce temperature to 160° and bake for another 20 minutes. (Entire baking time: at least 40 minutes).

Tip: The Eierschecke cake is ready once the mixture is elastic. If you gently press your fingertip on its surface and the small pressure mark disappears again, the cake is perfect.

Let it cool and sprinkle some icing sugar over it.