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Insider tips from our local experts

Chilling by the Elbe

Come summer and you’re sure to regularly find me at „Rosengarten” in Dresden: This charming café/restaurant is delightfully located on the banks of the river Elbe. There’s a beautiful terrace with great views which is a favourite stopover place for cyclists on the Elbe Cycle Route which runs right past. Or if you have explored the city for hours and just want to chill out, it’s perfect for drinks or dinner and also does a delicious brunch. See you there then!

Susann Schwickert Saxony Tourism Board

Go canoeing in Leipzig

If travelling to Leipzig in summer, I‘d recommend anyone to explore the city on the water: There’s a delight network of canals, giving Leipzig a touch of Venice here and there, and lots of opportunities for boating and such like. One of my favourites: A canoe tour at night that comes fully equipped with torches! Starting and ending at Stadthafen Leipzig it takes you through the former industrial neighbourhood of Plagwitz, now a favourite part of town. Enjoy!

Susann Schwickert Saxony Tourism Board

Friedenstein in Gotha:
Where Queen Victoria was royally amused

There are many reasons for recommending visiting Friedenstein Palace in Gotha. The construction of the splendid early Baroque structure was ordered by Ernest I, the Duke of Saxe-Gotha and as one of the largest buildings of its type in the world, it was constructed over a dozen years from 1643 onwards. Surprisingly, not many Britons find their way here but in particular if you’re interested in history, you should put this small town only 15 minutes by train from Erfurt on your list. Gotha has strong historic links with the UK since Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha became the consort of Queen Victoria whose mother was the sister of Albert’s father.

A museum inside the palace tells the story of their match-making but there’s much more. You can spend hours wandering around the vast palace or take a stroll through the beautiful park, the first English-style park outside the UK. Tip: Don’t miss peeking inside the Ekhof Theatre, the world’s oldest Baroque theatre with still functioning stage machinery. The Ekhof Festival held each year is on now until 27 August 2017!

Annett Morche-Ruthmann Thuringia Tourism Board

Chocolate or ice-cream? Don’t miss Goldhelm’s in Erfurt

I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and, to make matters even better, also couldn’t live without ice cream. So, it’s no surprise then that the Goldhelm chocolate manufactory is one of my favourite places in Erfurt. The small shop in one of the typical quaint houses on Erfurt’s Merchants’ Bridge has attracted locals and visitors from afar since 2010. The variety of chocolate creations is huge and in summer there’s also delicious ice cream on offer. Try it for yourself!

Barbara Geier Social Media & Communications Cultural Heart of Germany UK

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